These are the different options you have from the airport to Ixtapa.

You will tell your driver that you are going to the Marbella condominium, inside the Pacifica Resort.

When you arrive you will go through a security gate where again you will specify that you are going to Marbella.

Entrance to the Marbella Condominium

You can call Pacifica's reception and they will send you a taxi.

Usually there are several taxis stationed at the resort so they are very safe because they know them and when you leave Pacifica they report to the security guard where they are taking you.

The rates are posted at the security kiosk as you leave the resort so you know exactly how much you will be charged.

A tip is always welcomed.

If you want to do several errands you can arrange with your driver an hourly rate and then you have a private driver to take you shopping or wherever you want to go and bring you safely home.